This is me.

I am Mercedes Wilke, formerly Vicicondi.  

I started this buisness officially at 20 years old. Now 6 years later, my business and love for what I do has grown hugely, and is continuing to grow! 

I am driven by a love for photos that tell a story. I am the type of artist who sees a photo with real emotions, and it can leave me with goosebumps, and even on occasion bring me to tears. This is what photography is to me. It's more than an expensive camera, more than a pretty picture.  It's your childrens faces, that will never again be this tiny, innocent, and perfect, to cherish forever. It's a moment in time, frozen forever.

I have two beautiful children, and another arriving in just a few short weeks. My kids are my everything. There is nothing more beautiful to me than their 'perfect little faces, their little toes, their accomplishments, there happiness. As you can probably assume, I take ALOT of photos of my kids. If I'm ever in a rut, with my creativity, I bust out my camera, and can always rely on these two to bring out the best in me and my work.  

I also have an amazing husband. He is my rock. He supports everything I do, and he's my biggest fan. I don't think I would be where I am today without him. And his love for nature, all things art, and photography as well, is totally a bonus! 

Thank you Nicholas for being you. 

And thank you to every single one of my wonderful clients, who make my dream come true, every single day.